Bottom freezer fridge models are popular among senior citizens or anyone with mobility issues because they don't have to hunch over nearly as often to access their Many newer bottom freezer fridge models feature variable temperature settings so you can control the contents of your appliance. This light doesn't signal any problems, but it can be annoying to look at. To reset the light, simply locate the water filter button and hold it down for 3 seconds. Keep your water filter in good condition by changing it regularly, using Whirlpool filters, and getting your fridge serviced by a Whirlpool technician. The freezer bottom layout puts the food and beverages consumed most often within easy reach. Frozen foods are used less, so having them at the In addition to convenience, they have other advantages that make them the sensible choice for storing frozen foods. Side-By-Side Fridge-Freezer. In Arkansas, a federal lawsuit was filed against Whirlpool Corp., claiming that the appliance maker did nothing to fix or warn customers of problems in their icemakers. The lawsuit was filed by.

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