Alloy wheels are lighter and stronger than steel wheels . Alloy is a combination of other metals such as copper, aluminum and nickel. Alloy wheels are made with alloys because they have better durability and corrosion resistance than steel . This means that the alloy wheel > can hold up to more abuse while also being lighter in weight. hey guys i posted this my 15" steelies were about 31-33 lbs each and the stock 15" 5-star alloys from a first gen were a lil less than 20 each prob 18-19 althoough these are from a first gen the steelies should be the same in all years but this is also WITHOUT the tire soo this is a single wheel wheight -Jon P Parsec Registered Joined Aug 17, 2001. The DT Swiss Ratchet Wheel-mounting System (RWS) offers a unique way to securely fasten wheels. Choose from Same Day Delivery, Drive Up or Order Pickup. Pair of Zeta CNC Alloy QRs (Steel Axle) Superfly Alloy Hollow Cro-mo QR (REAR ONLY) 135mm. MTB skewer length : Front 100mm, Rear 135mm, Weight 44g a pair. The Ultegra Skewers are sold individually. The basic difference that we all know is, steel is the metal that is used for generally all OEM rims, but alloy rims are lighter and stronger than steel ones. Advantages of Steel wheels: The major difference that you should know is, steel wheels are a lot cheaper than alloy wheels.

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