STEP 2: Click 'Download file' on the second page Skyrim SE: Bodyslide Installation Tutorial and Conversion Select CalienteBody as Outfit / Body, which is the mesh that you are editing if you chose the "no underwear" version or Caliente Undies if you chose the underwear The standard Skyrim version will not work . SkyrimLE 2 SkyrimLE 2. Skyrim VR. OStim OBody UIExtensions Bodyslide and Outfit Studio. You will need a female and/or male body mod. I use CBBE 3BA for my female bodies (Read the Body Section of my Beautification Guide if you want to know how to install this). Aela the Huntress is a Nord werewolf, thief and member of The Companions. She is one of five members of The Circle. Residing in Jorrvaskr with the other Companions, Aela offers lycanthropy deep into the faction's questline. Additionally, she is an expert level Archery trainer, as well as a candidate for marriage and a follower after The.

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