Dec 14, 2018 · Launch the PlayOnLinux app. When the app is open, look to the left-hand side of the program for “Install a program” and click it to open the installation tool. In the PlayOnLinux installation tool, you’ll see many different categories. As we are dealing with video games, select the “Games” icon.. ls -laR | lolcat. Like many other command-line programs, lolcat has options you can tweak to adjust the output. The -a option displays a color-cycling animation before the line is printed. The -d and -s options control the length and speed of this animation. The -p option will control the slant of the stripes. Feb 24, 2022 · Step 2: Play MP3 by FFmpeg. After the installation is done, you can now use the FFmpeg tool to play MP3 files by command line on your Linux system. First, locate the filesystem directory where you stored the MP3 files. Then type ffplay and then type your song name and hit the Enter button. cd Downloads..

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