Many parents don't know where to draw the line when it comes to their child's disrespectful behavior. When their teen or pre-teen is mildly rebellious, it frightens them. Parents would say to me, "If I don't stop my teen's eye-rolling, next she'll be telling me to f-off.". I'd usually reply, "Well, the question is, did she. behaviors. The child then displays behaviors that are not age appropriate, which are often perceived by adults as being purposeful. It's also not unusual for the child to get along with either younger children or with adults better than with children their own age. Immature behaviors are frequently seen in children with. Juvenile and immature bald eagles have a rather variable plumage. Juvenile birds (½ year) have the least variable plumage. However, birds from 1 ½ through 4 ½ years of age show some of the more diverse and unpredictable plumages. Bird of the same age can have completely different plumages. At 4 ½ years all plumages converge into the adult.

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