How the Camera Shakify addon works. Camera Shakify addon UI. Super simple! Select your camera and under Camera Shakify you press the + button. Then, next, to shake, you see a drop-down and choose a preset. You can set the influence, scale, and if need the speed and Frame Offset. If something doesn’t seem right, press the button Fix All Camera. Nov 22, 2019 · Step 2: Importing the Image Sequence to Blender. Step 3: Adding Tracking Markers. Step 4: Tracking the Footage. Step 5: Solving the Camera. Step 6: Setting the 3D Scene. Comments.. Set Up Camera in Blender 3.0. 1 Add to my Favorites. +1. Blender Admin. Rendering. English. Author: Wenbo Zhao. Previous Blender Modeling Tutorials - Central Perk Cafe. ... (matrix R ). Since Blender 's FBX exporter rotates the camera so that +X is the camera 's forward direction, we need to apply the inverse of that rotation (matrix M) so that.

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