Buy Telepathine (Harmine) So you want to check out some Telepathine. It is also sold under the name Harmine or Harmala although Harmala is less specific. I will have separate lists for full spectrum Harmalas, Harmine, Harmaline, Tetrahydroharmine, and custom mixes. Below is the sellers I have found and ordered from in the past. The vape cartridges here are made with DMSO for maximum absorption and you get many many uses out of one cartridge. HCl or Freebase HCl Freebase. Harmala type Harmine Harmaline Tetrahydroharmine (THH) harmaline. Amount 1 packet of 200mg (or 180mg freebase) 5 packets of 200mg (or 180mg freebase) 1g to weigh yourself 5g to weigh yourself 200mg. DMT-Nexus member. Posts: 245. Joined: 04-Apr-2010. Last visit: 16-Jun-2010. endlessness wrote: they are both MAOIs that work for activating oral dmt.. harmaline is stronger, one needs a dose of about 100mg, while harmine dosage is around 200mg.. harmaline is more sedating/dreamy, harmine is not as sedating.. most people preffer harmine than. Choiceslab Disposable carts full gram.Best of ChoicesLab disposable carts.Email: [email protected] Express Delivery World wide. Phone: +1 (661) 235-5241. Email: [email ... Buy Choices Disposables carts online, Another option is buying choiceslab carts online which also offer you a different way of smoking vape Known for the Dual Flavor.

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