The Meraki data available through SNMP is limited at best , so I would like to use API polling of bulk data, and then have Zabbix create hosts, assign a template , and update host information fields with various APIs to Meraki. Here is the basic curl API command that we have been running to poll the Meraki cloud for device specifics:. This value will be one of the following: other (1) Fan status detection is not supported by this system or driver. ok (2) The fan is operating properly. degraded (3) A redundant fan is not operating properly. failed (4) A non-redundant fan is not operating properly. . SNMP agent. The accept_errors option will allow the sensor to work even if the printer is not on when Home. I try your template and find it's good. I link your template to my pfsense-host an it works great! But. I see in code section about OpenVPN Clients, you get "openvpn_get_active_clients" But i see no data in Zabbix's Latest Data about active OpenVpn Clients... It would also be great to see a list of active clients, their names, connection times.

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