And from a BaZi sense of view, a clash is a normal occurrence. It’s part of life. We all go through periods of clash, multiple times in a lifetime, and it can happen at any moment – in a particular hour, a day, a month, a year, or even an entire 10-year luck cycle! But knowing this valuable information is a lot like being given an armor. The Day Master in your Bazi chart gives insight into your personality traits, likes and dislikes and love compatibility. Read on to gain a better understanding of yourself or your (potential) partner, and identify the type of lover you are! ... 10 types of lovers based on your Bazi Day Master . Jia (甲): The Upright. 4. Day master: Charles has Gui while Diana has Yi. Gui water supports Yi wood. Compatible. 5. Offspring path: Charles has yin Hour pillar while Diana has yang Hour pillar. Incompatible. 6. Day pillar compatibility: Only 1 circle. Not very strong compatibility. Overall, my conclusion is they are quite incompatible. Known by everyone?.

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