Range and model: Rating: Estimated price: Baxi 800 830: 87.71%: £2,000: Baxi 600 613: 86.15%: £1,900: Baxi 400 412: 85.85%: ... Super fast service Ian came to survey and price up on Wednesday really good price for boiler, installation was the very next day. Reliable, affordable, backed up by BAXIs award winning customer service and of compact. The Baxi 800 comes in 3 different sizes. 825 830 and 836 The 825 is 25kw, 830 is 30kw, 836 is 36kw. This new boiler from Baxi will suit most house styles and comes with a full 10 year parts and labour warranty. The Baxi 800 comes with a Adey. .

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